Seohyun, a South Korean singer, famously proclaimed, ‘’good shoes take you good places.’’ She has a point. Shoes protect your feet and give you the confidence to carry yourself with elan. A pair of good shoes can do wonders for you. 

 Are you lousy? Do you pay enough attention to detail? Shoes can reveal a lot about your personality. It is crucial to be careful while choosing a pair of shoes for you lest you want to prejudice people against you. And it is not only about attracting negative attention: wrong shoes put your physical health at risk and make you inefficient. 

The history of working shoes starts with the industrial revolution. In the beginning, wood was hollowed out and worn by workers to protect their feet from external threats. Though the wood shoes were safe, they were not comfortable. Then came heavy boots. They were better than wooden boots, but lacked the desired comfort. Today, we have lightweight steel toe shoes. These shoes are sturdy, safe, and comfortable.   

If your shoes are not well-designed, chances are you will end up compromising on efficiency and develop health issues like ankle sprain, backaches, etc. Working shoes ought to be not only safe but also comfortable.

In this blog, we discuss in detail the features you should look for while buying a pair of  comfortable work shoes for yourself.

How to choose the right shoes?

Be it sports, work, or leisure, comfortable shoes are a must for optimal performance. The definition of good and comfortable working shoes depends from person to person. We have different requirements for different purposes. Hiking shoes and multi-purpose shoes will not be similar. There is no concept of one-size-fits-all when it comes to shoes. One characteristic you can exclude from the definition of a comfortable working shoes is price. Yes, you read that right. You can buy an excellent pair of shoes at a lower price. Money can buy you a lot of things, but not necessarily comfortable working shoes!

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So, how to buy comfortable working shoes?

While buying a new pair of shoes, keep the following points in mind:

(1)   Design: The making of shoes is an intricate process. It is not that a cobbler, with his sewing expertise, can conjure shoes from leather sheets. Good shoes are comfortable because they are adjustable. Before buying shoes ensure it has laces or Velcro –Velcro is a fastener. If your shoes do not have laces or Velcro, it is best not to buy them. Well-designed steel-toe shoes ensure stability. Without stability, your shoes will be more of a nuisance than a necessary foot covering. Stable shoes prevent horizontal or vertical heel movement, giving you steady strides. It is important to note here that working shoes should not have heels. Go for flat shoes. They are best to wear for work.

(2)   Sturdy: Are your shoes sturdy? You need strong and durable shoes for work. Irrespective of your job profiles – whether you do desk jobs or work in factories – a sturdy pair of shoes is non-negotiable. Shoes with weak soles can be disastrous for you as sharp objects can easily penetrate the soft soles and hurt your feet.

maven durable steel toe shoes

(3)   Spacious: By spacious we mean your shoes must have enough space for your feet. The width and height of shoes shall be such that it makes your feet feel comfortable.  You should not be curling your toes while wearing shoes. Every time you buy a new pair of shoes, ensure to get your feet measured. The best time to buy shoes is at the end of the day. Your feet expand with use. If you buy shoes in the morning, chances are high that you will end up buying an ill-fitting one.

(4)   Insoles and outsoles: Once you have worked out the right fitting shoes for your feet, it is time to pay close attention to insoles and outsoles. Insoles protect your feet from pressure. If cushioning is not done properly, you will end up with sore feet. Outsoles take care of terrain. The surface you walk on is not smooth or alike. You walk on different surfaces in a single day. The flooring of your office may be too smooth or rough. You walk on streets and other places where the surface is uneven. You, usually, take a flight of stairs every day. Outsoles take care of different surfaces and terrain and put a pep in your step.

(5)   Good condition: Check if your shoes are in good condition or not. Worn-out or old shoes can give you a limp as they are not comfortable. With time and use, shoes lose their basic function and their right place is the dustbin, not your feet!

(6)   Size: There are as many types of feet as there are types of humans: big size, small, slim, wide, high and low arch, etc. It is imperative to find the right-sized shoes for your feet lest you want to develop cramps or injure your back. Many workers’ work entails standing for long hours. If your work demands you to stand for long, your shoes must be of the perfect size to keep you comfortable during your working hours. Many women workers make the mistake of buying smaller size men’s shoes thinking it will protect their feet better. Nothing can be further from the truth. Anatomy matters a lot when deciding your shoe -size. Women’s feet are anatomically different from men’s feet. Their feet are soft and slender. If women wear small-sized men’s shoes, it will do them more harm than good. In the longer run the risk of back injury, ankle sprain, etc., will increase considerably.

(7)  Cushioning:  Enough cushioning is also of vital importance. The cushioning of shoes protects you not only from external damage but also reduces the risk of backache, ankle sprain, etc. Your working shoes must be amply padded from within to keep you safe from external hazards and internal issues as well.

(8)   Breathability: You wear your working shoes for a long time. Your work involves different activities. Some work in factories where the heat can rise to high temperatures, whereas others work in freezing conditions. If your shoes are not airy, you will end up developing boils or freezing. It is very crucial that the top of your shoes allow enough air and does not choke your feet.

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Durability and comfort define a pair of good working shoes. Durability without comfort will create such health issues as backaches, ankle sprain, etc. Comfort without sturdiness will compromise your feet’s safety. The lack of any one of these features will impact you severely. You need to be sensitive to your feet’s anatomy while buying shoes. Shoes must be bought according to the size and anatomy of your feet. There are no one-size-fits-all-purpose shoes.

Maven shoes offer you comfortable and durable work sneakers in all sizes and shapes. Our expertise in making safe steel-toe shoes ensures your efficiency at work. Furthermore, our safety shoes are super light. ‘’They feel like clouds in my feet’’, is how customers describe their experience of wearing our shoes!

James Walk